Are you prepared to defend your loved ones, and/or yourself?

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives you the right to bear arms!

What happens after the "BANG?"  Protect yourself with Texas Law Shield!  Contact me for more information.

When PANIC  suddenly hits , people resort to their HIGHEST LEVEL of training......WHAT IS YOURS ?  You shot 50 rounds two years ago?  OR  "my husband bought me a gun but I don't like it, I'VE NEVER SHOT IT !!!


​LIFE IS FULL OF UNEXPECTED EVENTS.  Your safe world is rapidly changing around YOU and in YOUR zip code......

If you don't have your LTC permit, contact me.  If you are afraid of guns, unsure in your ability or have never fired a handgun, contact me.  I conduct  weekly Shooting ABC classes, by appointment, that will alleviate your fear of owning or handling a gun.

I am a former Texas DPS Trooper, Certified Handgun Instructor, member of the NRA, NAGR, TCHA and Texas Law Shield. LADIES......Read the reviews on my Accurate Firearms FB page!!